#23 Dinkum Diaspora: Highlights of Australian Jewish History (part 1)

After a short break, David’s podcasts are back! We are very excited to share the upcoming lectures with you.

The story of Australian Jewry begins with the First Fleet and the earliest moments of European settlement of the Australian colonies. In this podcast episode, the first of a four-part series on Australian Jewish History, David Solomon maps out the historical conditions that led to the transportation of convicts to the penal colonies, including a number of Jewish prisoners, and the early days of European settlement. David explores the remarkable stories of some of the first Jewish Australians and the contributions they made to the creation of this new society.

Sydney Cove by John Lewin. Public Domain.


This lecture series was recorded in 2018 at Caulfield Shule. Notes for the lecture will be available to Patreon subscribers when all four lectures have been released.