#22 Priests and Princes, Power and Politics: the Rise and Fall of the Hasmonean Dynasty (Part 2)

While the period of the Hasmonean Dynasty high-priest rulers saw the return of Jewish control over the Land of Israel, it was also a time of bloody conflict and brutal factionalism. In this podcast episode, David Solomon explores the fascinating reigns of the Hasmonean kings and queens, from John Hyrcanus to Shlomtziyon. He examines the bitter tensions between the proponents of a temple-centric Judaism and those who supported rabbinical Judaism; the ruthless conflicts within the ruling family; and the eventual intervention of Rome in the region – a monumental turning point in the history of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.

Hasmonean Dynasty - David Solomon Jewish History lecture
Pompey enters the Jerusalem Temple. Painting by Jean Fouquet, after an event recorded by Flavius Josephus in The Antiquities of the Jews. Public Domain.

David provides an in-depth discussion of a number of the battles occurring during the period examined in this series. The video below may help listeners gain a clearer picture of the information provided, particularly in relation to the geography and topography of the Land of Israel and how it impacted on military campaigns.


This lecture series was recorded in 2018 at Chabad Glen Eira. Notes for the lecture will be available to Patreon subscribers when all four lectures have been released.