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David Solomon 5 star lecturesA world class story teller with unbelievable knowledge – David’s unbelievable knowledge and unparalleled ability to tell the story make his lectures essential listening for anyone with the slightest interest in Jewish history and how it fits into what we know about the ancient world. Cannot recommend highly enough.

David Solomon 5 star lecture reviews

Highly engaging – I’ve been studying Tanakh at a tertiary level for 11 years and still learn something new and exciting when I listen to David’s talks. Always accessible, always engaging, always challenging – would definitely recommend for anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible and Jewish thought.


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“I have sat through hundreds and hundreds of lectures and presentations, and as you are aware, in terms of my interest in communication skills, I am demanding… This man has such knowledge and to add to this, such skill in concentrating the essential aspects of Jewish history, that it was a privilege to be part of this experience.”

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David’s publications and translations

After more than decade in development, David’s translation of the foundational kabbalistic text Tiqqunei ha-Zohar is slated to be published in 2023. This seven-volume bilingual publication will be the first full length English translation of this cornerstone text of Jewish mysticism. (You can find out more about this project in David’s talk Kabbalah on the Jewish Bookshelf).  

Another of David’s translations –  Isaiah Tishby’s The Doctrine of Evil and the ‘Shell’ in Lurianic Kabbalah – was published in 2022 by Cherub Press.

As Managing Editor of Margalya Press, David is developing a range a new and innovative Jewish literary projects. He is also working on another work of scholarship in the field of Kabbalah (more to information to come).

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