About David

David Solomon is an internationally acclaimed, globally-roaming scholar, teacher, writer and translator.  His podcast “Collected Talks of David Solomon” provides a snapshot of the many lectures he has given in Jewish History, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew, and Kabbalah over more than two decades.
While David is often known for his teaching, his primary focus is his scholarly work in the fields of Jewish mysticism and sacred text translation. After more than a decade in development, his translation of the foundational kabbalistic text Tiqqunei ha-Zohar is slated to be published in 2023. This seven-volume bilingual publication will be the first full length English translation of this cornerstone text of Jewish mysticism.  Another of David’s translations –  Isaiah Tishby’s The Doctrine of Evil and the ‘Shell’ in Lurianic Kabbalah – was published in 2022 by Cherub Press.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, David is Managing Editor at Margalya Press. He holds degrees in Anthropology, English Literature, and Translation Studies.
David Solomon scholar and educator. David Solomon podcast on Jewish History, the Bible, Jewish Philosophy, and Kabbalah.
Image by Stephan Rohl

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