The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour

Image by Stephan Roehl

Come and experience the talk that has been exciting and inspiring audiences around the world.

David Solomon’s innovative and dynamic overview of Jewish history is a performance that will leave you inspired, informed and wanting more. In this extraordinary lecture, David literally maps out the unique scale and amazing contours of Jewish History around the audience, providing a framework that is accessible to people with any level of knowledge.

The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour covers everything from the origins of the Jewish People, up to the present day – and beyond – in one continuous narrative.

Audiences have raved about the talk, declaring that is has rekindled a love of and passion for Jewish History and has moved them to pursue their own journey of discovery. The talk is not only entertaining… it’s real teaching.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a hold on how the details of Jewish History really fit together then come and hear one of the world’s most exciting and original teachers speak on what is perhaps the most important topic in the Jewish world today.

Logistical Requirements:

Due to the 3-dimensional nature of David’s lectures, he requires an approximately square room with walls that would allow paper to be temporarily attached. The audience needs to be seated in such a way that would allow them to turn their chairs as David moves around the walls during the delivery of his lecture. Recommended audience sizes for David’s talks are from 50 to 200 people.

Organisations or individuals wanting to book David will need to provide paper for the walls and all other necessary equipment (eg scissors, tape etc).

It is advisable to allow 90 minutes for all ‘one hour’ talks.


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