David Solomon’s educational philosophy

David Solomon’s aim is to inspire people with a love and passion for Jewish learning by providing them with the tools to pursue and take responsibility for their own Jewish education. The key to enrichment of life through Jewish education is a return to sources.

David Solomon podcast and lectures
David Solomon lecture in Germany – Image by Stephan Rohl

David believes that Jewish History and Hebrew are the two most essential areas of learning for the majority of Jewish people in the world today. Hebrew provides the tools for people to have access to their own rich heritage and Jewish History provides the frame and context that makes any individual journey in learning meaningful.

David believes that Jewish history is the ultimate vehicle by which to transmit meaning in today’s Jewish world. It provides a context and a framework by which every single Jew can understand their place in the world, their responsibility as a Jew and the incredible role and destiny of the Jewish people – past, present and future.

In other words, the more we understand Jewish History, the more we realise that we are part of a continuum. This understanding provides an individual with a sense of belonging and purpose in the world. Most spiritual leaders, as well as psychologists and anthropologists, call this sensation: meaning.

What elevates this meaning even further is the realisation, afforded by a study of Jewish History, that our continuum has a purpose.

David is also unapologetic in his belief that learning Hebrew is essential to all Jewish education. He believes Hebrew is the gateway to Torah. Hebrew is the key to every Jewish person’s ability to take responsibility for their own Jewish education

His view is that there is no serious or authentic journey in Jewish spirituality without Hebrew. Hebrew is the language of God, of the Torah, of the Jewish people and of the Land of Israel. It is the concrete that binds all of the fundamental elements of our Jewish existence.

Although many Jewish people today are not as familiar with Hebrew as they should be, David believes that it is vital for every Jewish person to engage with Hebrew at some level; for even a small knowledge of Hebrew can open new treasures of understanding and spiritual growth.