The Whole Jewish World in One Hour

A comprehensive and in-depth examination of the modern Jewish world, The Whole of the Jewish World in One Hour provides an fascinating overview of the current factions and developments in world Jewry and their emergence through the course of the modern era.

The talk traces the impacts of the Enlightenment and emancipation on the history of the Jewish world and their development into the diverse movements of Orthodoxy and Reform, religious and secular, right and left wing Zionism, humanism and feminism. The roots of today’s Jewish World are placed in an historical context that allows audiences to put together the pieces of the puzzle of Jewry today.

Logisitical Requirements:

This lecture is best suited to a theatre-style audience with a recommended audience size of 50 to 200 people. David will require a white board for this presentation.

It is advisable to allow 90 minutes for all ‘one hour’ talks.