The Bible


Visionaries, Reformers and Agitators: the Rise of the Prophets of Israel

Four-part series each talk approximately 90 minutes long

David explores the wider historical and political background to the unique institution of prophecy and its profound influence upon the development of Judaism, reviewing the personalities, contributions and controversies of the astonishing prophets of the Hebrew Bible.

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Isaiah, Jeremiah & Ezekiel

Three-part serieseach talk approximately 90 minutes long

David explores in clear detail the historical background and thematic concerns of the major prophets of the Jewish people during the First Temple period: Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. The talks will focus on the impact of these spiritual giants on both Jewish history and world religious thinking.

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The ‘Minor’ Prophets – the Trei Asar

Four-part serieseach talk approximately 90 minutes long

David Solomon explores and clarifies the major themes of the twelve “minor” prophets from Hosea to Malachi. As well as a close reading of the texts and historical background of these influential Biblical figures, David highlights the relevance of their powerful spiritual message for today’s world.

Players upon Thrones: Kings and Queens of Israel

Six-part serieseach talk approximately 90 minutes long

For more than a thousand years, the nation of Israel was led socially and politically by monarchs. Kings and queens of the Jewish people gained the throne of sovereign power through a wide variety of means: some through Divine selection, some through inheritance, and others through violent rebellion. Most were exceptional, but some were banal; many were wicked, but a few were righteous; most were hated, but some were truly loved. David explores the historical role of Jewish kingship, outlines its main epochs, discusses every monarch in their historical context, delves into remarkable personalities and seeks to understand the dramatic events that drove them or defeated them.


When being Righteous is not Enough: a Study of the Book of Job

Approximately 90 minutes long

The Book of Job (Eyov) is the classic treatment of the problem of random suffering over which even the righteous have no control. David explores the narrative and major themes of one of the Bible’s most startling and profound texts.


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