I first heard David speak at Limmud (UK) many years ago. He was very knowledgeable and extremely entertaining – a born storyteller. I was so impressed I invited him to speak at my shul – The New West End Synagogue in Bayswater, London. His reputation had preceded him and we had no trouble attracting a large audience who were inspired and energised by his lecture. We hope to be able to arrange further visits.

Deborah Talalay, Vice-Chair, NEW Synagogue, London, UK

David has delivered over five Jewish History courses at Chabad Glen Eira. In short – he is phenomenal! He is extremely engaging, exceedingly knowledgeable & very entertaining. He speaks with authority, passion, wit & humour – and without any notes! He has an extraordinary memory! He is immersed in the subject he is presenting and brings it alive to his audience.  He attracted many attendees to our courses with minimal effort on our part. I highly recommend him.

Rabbi Mendy Groner, Chabad Glen Eira, Melbourne, Australia

I first saw David Solomon present The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour to an audience of around 500 people at Limmud UK in 2006. Like everyone else, I was amazed by the way David managed to impart so much knowledge in such a short time – with his trademark enormous energy and enthusiasm. Since then, I have brought David to Germany many times to deliver this and other talks. David’s unique and inspiring teaching has captivated numerous audiences at Limmud Germany and more recently at the Jewish Culture Days in Berlin. We look forward to welcoming him back in the future.

Sophie Mahlo, Lawyer, Philanthropist, founder of Limmud.de, Germany 

We hosted David Solomon’s engaging and informative presentation “The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour” and the entire community loved it! David’s energetic personality, his depth of knowledge and his unique style of delivery all combined to deliver a unique and memorable evening. I highly recommend David Solomon and his presentation.

Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum, Chabad Jewish Community Centre, Folsom, California, USA

Chabad Malvern has had the pleasure of having David Solomon teach for our community. David’s very unique format and style of delivery is filled with passion and energy.  Our students leave each session more inspired and knowledgeable in their Judaism and wanting to come back for more.    

Rabbi Velly Slavin, Chabad Malvern, Melbourne, Australia

This was a wonderful evening, David Solomon is knowledgeable, entertaining and full of fascinating insights into the wonders of Jewish history, go and see this show.

Rabbi Gideon Weitzman, Merkaz Modi’in Synagogue, Modiin, Israel

Someone in our community referred to David as “the best in Tor-info-tainment” as she thought he brought us Torah, information, and much more in an entertaining way.  We were so impressed with him that when we took a group of teens to Israel, we made sure to have them meet David and experience All of Jewish History in One Hour.  David has a unique way of presenting history and the essence of the meaning of that history—in a way that you can remember, and share with others.

Pamela Ehrenkranz is the Executive Director of the UJA Federation of Greenwich

David Solomon draws sold out crowds at the JCC.  He is a wildly charismatic teacher who offers comprehensive, thoughtful and provocative presentations.  The depth and breath of his knowledge and his ability to present that knowledge in a brief amount of time is simply breathtaking.

Susie Kessler is Program Director of Makom at the JCC of Manhattan

David Solomon has given two presentations to Ealing Synagogue and in each case has thrilled the audience with his unique style of imparting information. In the first presentation he managed the almost-impossible by covering the whole of the history of the Jewish People in one hour, using his boundless energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject. He has a most innovative approach using blank paper on the walls of four sides of the room to itemise key points in four periods from the patriarchs and the prophets, to the period of the first and second temples , to exile and the diaspora, and recent history. At the end he responded well to subsequent questions which extended well beyond the allotted time. It’s surprising how much we all, including the Rabbi, learned. The second presentation was equally inspiring and covered a one hour’s journey through the Haggadah. In his presentation David exploded many myths and explained the true essence and meaning of Pesach and the seder service. He then covered the origins, contents and history surrounding the Haggadah and how it developed into this special book. There were again many questions by an enraptured audience who had learned a great deal. Many thanks David, we look forward to a return visit soon.

Leslie Sommer, Ealing Synagogue, London UK

I first heard about David Solomon at a Limmud conference in the UK in December 2005. His session on The Whole of Jewish History in an Hour had generated so much buzz that they decided to repeat it (a rare occurrence). It was a snowy day and I schlepped halfway across the University of Nottingham campus to get there. The queue extended outside the building, and when I got inside the classroom, it was standing room only. David began by plastering the walls with white butcher paper. He drew a timeline of 2000 years – 500 years on each wall – and, as he began to speak, I had an epiphany: my previous inability to remember historical dates and events was largely due to the lack of visual stimuli with which it had been presented. In the end, I retained more from David’s one-hour talk than from years of history lectures in Jewish day school. I was completely blown away by the experience and knew immediately that we absolutely had to bring David to Limmud NY!

Karen Radkowsky is the founding president of Limmud NY

If you take all of Jewish history – all 5000-odd years of it – and whittle it down so that it can fit on four large stretches of butcher paper, and you stick that paper to four walls, and place what is either a genius or a madman (or possibly both) within those four walls and you furnish that man with two permanent markers and a decent hit of caffeine, you will get what most Jewish day-school graduates could only dream of. A kind of madness that takes over a room for an hour, a passion for all that has transpired to this little nation – the covenants, the onslaughts, the exiles and returns, the kings and pharaohs and Caesars, the prophets and warriors and teachers – everything summed up and argued and scribbled in febrile hieroglyphics on this paper, while the students in the centre of the room swivel their chairs to follow his path.

Emma Schwartz, Limmud Oz, seeEducation for Education’s Sake for more

I went to the first in the history series last night in Modi’in and it was fantastic. David has such a brilliant way of getting information across. I went home with my head spinning with new knowledge. I wish that more people would take the opportunity to come and benefit from having such a scholar (and entertainer) in town.

Ilana Doobov Cohen, Israel

I have sat through hundreds and hundreds of lectures and presentations, and as you are aware, in terms of my interest in communication skills, I am demanding…This man has such knowledge and to add to this, such skill in concentrating the essential aspects of Jewish history, that it was a privilege to be part of this experience.

Audience member, Australia